Conditional Checkout Fields & WooCommerce 3.0 Update

WooCommerce version 3.0 has been released earlier today. This update, nicknamed “Bionic Butterfly” has a number of performance and other improvements, which you can read about on the WooCommerce blog.

As always, before updating any theme or plugin, be sure to make a backup of your site!

A few of the improvements to WooCommerce 3.0 made some of the functions in Conditional Checkout Fields incompatible. We have addressed all known issues in our version 3.3.2 update.

If you are keeping your WooCommerce site on a pre 3.0 version (i.e. 2.x), you will want to keep your Conditional Checkout Fields plugin on 3.3.1 or earlier.

If you are updating WooCommerce to 3.0, you will need to update Conditional Checkout Fields to 3.3.2 or later.

Both 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 are available for you to download from your account area if you still have an active license. If you do not have an active license, you can purchase or renew your license at any time.

Should you find yourself needing to revert back to 3.3.1, that version will be available to you for a while. To revert back, download the 3.3.1 zip file and extract its contents on your computer. Open your site in an FTP program and replace the contents of the directory.

Scott DeLuzio